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Why Pie? Let's Take a Look!

By Sheila Williams

Perfect for all celebrations!


Want to do something different for your next birthday celebration? Let us put some pie into your life with a special birthday pie or better yet mini pies and everyone can feel extra special on your day.


Almost everyone brings either an apple pie or peach cobbler during the holidays.

But let us help you stand out by putting some pie into your life by bringing a “Sweet Heat”

That special pie sweet pie that has just that little kick of spice that makes you say “OH Yes Ma’am!!”

Special Events

What can be more beautiful and delicious than a Wedding or Anniversary cake on that special I love you day. Or how about the day you’re ready to start the next chapter of your life with a retirement party. Add something different, let Life of Pie supply you with cupcakes to either go with your delicious cake

Pie is Perfect for Breakfast

Fun to eat pie at all times-

Is apple pie a fruit?

Ever wake up in the morning and you’re just craving something sweet with your coffee or tea? Or craving some carbs but not sure what you want? Then let me help you…how about a slice of apple pie or a nice slice of bread pudding while enjoying your coffee or tea. And don’t worry if the little ones see and want to know why you get pie and they don’t…just tell them that you’re eating your daily dose of fruit with a side of bread

Pie evokes so many Emotions

Celebrations of Life

Eat pie to remember good times: pie fixes everything

When I think about homemade apple pie memories of how my grandma taught me how to peel the apples, season them with cinnamon, nutmeg and other ingredients along with a lot of love. Cooking apple pie with her was a little girl’s memory that I will hold onto forever. And if you ever think that pie doesn’t fix everything, just watch an episode of “The Golden Girls”

The people you share it with

Friends, family, and pie creates memories and bonds. Life is too short not to take the time to smell the flowers, enjoy the sunshine and rainbows and smell the pie.

But why just smell the pie, why not make precious memories with family, friends and

loved ones. While grabbing the gusto…grab a slice and enjoy your blessings!

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