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More Than Just Pie

By Sheila Williams

Did you know that Life of Pie offers so much more than just Pie? This amazing sweet café has so much to offer the community of Abilene, Texas. From lunch to meal deals, goodies in “The Pantry” and let us not forget the oh so amazingly sweet treats that they offer. Close your eyes and picture all of these wonderful items that Life of Pie can offer you, your family, friends and coworkers.

First let me share with you about their delicious Lunch Special which includes entrée, side, drink and pie for $14.95. I have never had their lunch and not been full until later in the evening. I could never choose which one is my favorite because I honestly like them all.

Have you ever wondered what to get your family for the holidays that can be easy and simple; yet delicious and made with love? Then may I suggest their "Meal Deals.” These meal deals include a 10 inch entrée of your choice, a salad with dressing, a 9 inch pie of your choice, and a drink. You can get this wonderful tasty meal for $48.00 and will feed 4-6 people. Taking care of two problems at once…dinner and dessert all in one.

I had never heard of a Piecupcaken until I had one at Life of Pie…what, you’ve never heard of a Piecupcaken?? Well let me introduce you to this special little treat. Imagine a cupcake and pie all wrapped into one mouth watering dessert. Cupcakes filled with a mini pie. We also offer Keto Gluten Free Friendly ones.

Now that I’ve introduced you to their lunch, the Meal Deals and Piecupcakens. Let's take a walk over to the pantry and see what’s happening over there. The Pantry carries Chicken Spaghetti, King Ranch Casserole, and Lasagna. Each serves 3-4 people for $20.00.

One week you can try the Lasagna, the next week try the King Ranch Casserole and then the 3rd week you must come by and get the Chicken Spaghetti. I can tell you this no matter which one becomes your favorite or if all three become your favorites…you will not be disappointed in your choice.

Well now that you have dined sufficiently with Life of Pies delicious meals, we can’t forget dessert. I know you already know about their pies, but let me tell you about the homemade cakes that they now offer.

Life of Pie Abilene now offers cakes for $55.00! These delicious pie-inspired cakes will add sweetness to any celebration. We offer 6 flavors, Coconut Cream, Key Lime, Chocolate Truffle, Banana Pudding, Fun-fetti and Red Velvet Dream. **All cake orders require 72 hours notice. These cakes will make you feel like you’ve been wrapped in a hug filled with love.

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