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Lessons From the Kitchen

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

Most people grow up eating and loving the food their family makes. Some even make memories and learn lessons from parents or grandparents on how to cook or bake. My husband, self-proclaimed Pieologist Cory Bivens, spent many hours under the care of his TG learning to fry chicken, mash potatoes, and bake pies. During his pie lessons his TG, Georgia Bell Bivens, would teach to to properly measure ingredients, check for the correct baking temperature, and most importantly how to bake love into every pie.

Lessons we learn as children typically stay with us into adulthood. For Cory, these lessons have become a profession. Since winning the Cisco, Texas Pie Festival in 2017, he has have utilized the curriculum from "TG University" and turned it into our bakery located in Abilene, Texas - Life of Pie Bistro and Boutique.

Opening day March 30, 2018, TG wore a beautiful spring outfit and a huge smile as she watched her protégé put her lessons to work. She also spent many Friday afternoons sipping coffee, savoring a slice of cherry pie, and beaming as her only grandson served the local community in his pie shop using the skills he learned from her.

Since January 2020, Georgia has been watching Life of Pie and Cory from Heaven. Cory feels her presence as he makes every flaky crust. The smells of chocolate pie, The Millford named after Cory's grandfather (TG's husband) lures customers in the door and each one is greeted with a friendly smile - just as TG would have done.

Guy Fierri said "Cooking with kids is not just about ingredients, recipes, and cooking. It's about harnessing imagination, empowerment, and creativity." Not only do children learn a life skill, but they learn lessons they can pass down to future generations, or just like Cory - turn into a profession. Teaching someone to bake a pie is not just about a yummy dessert, it is about loving, learning, and investing in others.

Just like Georgia Bell Biven's beautiful smile, the memories and lessons she taught her grandson will always be a shinning reminder of the importance of spending time in the kitchen with family - baking, loving, and fellowship.

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