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Fan Favorites - Life of Pie

By Sheila Williams

When you go to any restaurant you know that they have their signature dishes and desserts. Those dishes and desserts that have become the favorites of many customers, they become so popular that the restaurant will have them on their menu permanently. Well Life of Pie is no different! They have 3 of their delicious pies that have become favorites among MANY customers. They are the Coconut Cream which is known as “Mom’s , the Key Lime knows as “Toes” and the Chocolate Buttermilk. Each of these pies will bring back memories of your childhood, old memories, or help you make new ones.

If you love your mom or grandma’s Coconut Cream Pie, then I guarantee that you will LOVE Life of Pie’s. Just imagine biting into the fluffiest, lightest just right pie with that perfect hint of Coconut. Now if you close your eyes as you take a bite, you might just think that you are back home in your childhood home either helping make the pie or waiting until the first slice is cut. And when you open your eyes you just might be expecting to see grandma standing in front of you with that smile of pure joy, because you are enjoying a pie made with love. If you're looking for that type of pie smile, then come on pie a get a slice of ‘Mom’s”

Have you ever wonder what a warm summer day of relaxation tasted like, then drop in and have a slice of Key Lime pie better known as “Toes in the Sand.” I know many may not be a fan of the fruit lime because of the bitter taste - BUT I promise you if you try this pie you will not be disappointed. It has just the right amount of sweet and a little bit of tart that gets you right behind your ear that makes you say YES. My favorite way to eat this pie is to spread the whip cream out so that I can get bites of the whip cream with that delicious yumminess.

Have you ever had a craving for a brownie? I mean a craving that is just strong enough that you need that fix, but don’t want to make a whole box of brownies? Then stop by Life of Pie, and have a slice of Chocolate Buttermilk. This pie will give you your brownie fix and satisfy your sweet tooth at the same time. You have the option to eat it plain, but of course I’m going to say that if you are going to satisfy your craving, why not go all out and really do it right with whip cream and chocolate drizzle…. can’t you just imagine your eyes rolling in the back of your head from the anticipation from the first bite!

After 4 years of pie making, our Pie Family has spoken! Mom's Favorite is our number 1 seller overall. Key Lime and Chocolate Buttermilk are close 2nd runner ups. Stop in Life of Pie Abilene Tuesday - Saturday weekly and enjoy a slice of any one...or all 3 of these delicious pies!

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