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Eat Local: Taylor County Taphouse

By Sheila Williams

Taylor County Taphouse is not that far from where I live and it’s a place that seems to always have something going on. With the exceptions of when they’re closed, their parking lot always has cars and people seem to be having a fantastic time. So let's see “What’s on Tap” at the TapHouse!

Sometimes it’s hard to find just the right comfort food with that kicked up a notch. Well -Abilene, Tx is very lucky to have Taylor County TapHouse right here in our own city. It’s a wonderful place that is locally owned and operated by those that want to bring happiness to your stomach.

I’ve had the pleasure of dining there and I have never been disappointed. I can say with assurance that those that I've gone with have also been very pleased with their selection. I’m not a Lamb Chop girl, but my friend couldn’t stop raving about how amazing they tasted! She commented that the Chops “feel right off the bone and were full of flavor.”

I can say that my first time ever having Quail was at this establishment and OMG!!! I was trying to figure out how something so small could have any flavor? Well I will admit that I was so wrong. The quail appetizer was so good I had to remind myself that I was in public and eat like I had manners.

Now I’m a wine drinker, not beer, but after being with some friends they were so amazed at the many different ones that were available and how well the waitstaff was able to suggest which beer went better with what.

And after having my appetizer and salad I thought that I had no more room, but then I found out that they serve two of my favorite pies Key Lime and Lemon Blueberry from Life of Pie located on 3386 Rebecca Lane; oh you best believes I found room for dessert.

Now when you have two locally owned and operated businesses like Life Of Pie and Taylor County TapHouse partnering to bring the city of Abilene the best of both worlds, Sweet & Savory, it’s no wonder that the parking lot and patios stays full.

It’s summertime and it’s too hot to cook but you want satisfaction; take a ride over to Taylor TapHouse located at 4002 Catclaw Drive, you won’t be disappointed.

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