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"Calling ALL Coffee Lovers"

By Sheila Williams

Have you ever felt that you needed something extra to get you going, whether it in the morning, afternoon or early evening? Well, whether Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall Moose Mountain has got you covered.

Moose Mountain is a family owned and operated business that has been serving the city of Abilene since 2019. Run by Ben and his lovely wife Lindsey. After school and on the weekends their sons Jackson and Lincoln help out as well.

Whether you’re craving coffee be it hot or cold. Something sweet or chilled, they can satisfy your taste buds. The friendly atmosphere and relaxed vibe is the coolest place to kick back and chat with a friend, study or take a break.

Moose Mountain has turned into a friendship and support of local businesses into a partnership with Life of Pie here in Abilene.

This partnership allows Life of Pie to Supply Moose Mountain several delicious items; such as….different flavored Quiches, Keto friendly pies, Coconut, and Cheesecake just to name two. Along with Veggie pizza and Pepperoni Pizza which is also keto friendly. You can treat yourself to their amazing coffee as well as these delicious treats at their Coffee Shop located at 817 S. 2nd downtown Abilene in the SODA District.

This wonderful partnership allows Moose Mountain to roast & grind two private label coffees for Life of Pie. At Life of Pie - you can enjoy a fantastic cup of coffee with your pie. In The Pantry at Life of Pie - you can purchase a bag of Moose Mountain's Life of Pie private label coffee in either freshly ground or whole bean.

So when that coffee craving or more hits you, stop on by either Moose Mountain or Life of Pie and let us satisfy your need for coffee & pie!

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