Pies & Professionals - Jumps and Tents for Events

One of the most fun small businesses in Abilene is Jumps and Tents for Events. They are a one-stop shop for all of Abilene’s party equipment rentals. From big and bad inflatable fun to must-have tables and chairs, their expansive inventory includes the A to Z of everything your upcoming event or celebration needs. They make event planning even simpler and easier by offering online reservations and wedding packages.

P & P How long have you been in business?

We started 10/2018 as Jumps and Tents for Events. We are so excited to celebrate our 2 year anniversary this month!

P & P What is the most rewarding part of your profession/business/work day?

We love seeing our customers satisfied with our service. We specifically enjoy seeing the little ones that find so much joy in jumping around in their inflatable castle. P & P What are the challenges of your field/business?

We have to be on time EVERY time to each event. We only have one chance to celebrate that special day. 

P & P How did you get into your profession?

We were given the opportunity to intern under another company that does event rentals. We learned the business event by event and have enjoyed growing our business with our family and employees.

P & P What are the core principles/values of your business?

God First, Family second, Have fun, work hard, and put Safety above all. 

P & P What is the best part of working in Abilene/Big Country?

We love being involved within our community. As Abilene, grows we want to grow.   P & P What is your favorite pie?

Perfect for this time of year -Pumpkin pie !

You can contact Jump and Tents for Events by calling them at 325-899-5550 or at their website (click logo below)