Pies & Professionals - Johnson Custom Remodeling & Repairs

We have had the pleasure of working very closely with Johnson Custom Remodeling & Repairs since the beginning of Life of Pie. Their vision, planning, professionalism has remodeled our shop, built our pie pop up, and has recently built our new storefront signage. Owner Mike Johnson sat down with us recently for our Pies & Professionals interview.

P&P: How long have you been in business?

I have been working in this field for a little over 36 years. We moved to Abilene in 1985 and began building a client base here in the Big Country.

P&P: What is the most rewarding part of your profession/business/work day?

I enjoy working with the customers, mainly homeowners, and assisting them with needed repairs and helping their remodeling dreams become a reality. I enjoy working with the customer and allowing them to add value to their home.

P&P: What are the challenges of your field/business?

One of the biggest struggles in my field today is gaining a customer's trust after they have had a poor experience with a prior contractor. We strive daily as a team to gain the customers confidence in our field as well as our work. We want our customers to feel comfortable with us as contractors and also comfortable to have us in their home to complete a satisfactory project for them. Another challenge in our field is education customers on the remodeling process. There are many more steps to the remodeling process than you see in a 30 minute HGTV reality show.

P&P: How did you get into your profession?

I began working in the Civil Engineering Squadron in the Air Force - Go Red Horse! Once I left the military, I began finding mentors or others who knew parts of the remodeling trade I didn't know. I watched, took notes, listened, and practiced. I have always been mechanically inclined, love learning, and always enjoy a challenge.

P&P: What are the core principles/values of your business?

Johnson Custom Remodeling and Repairs focuses on our passion for helping people. We always want to educate home owners on best practices of remodeling as well as preventive measures for their home. We strive to return a home in better, cleaner shape than when we began our work.

P&P: What is the best part of working in Abilene/Big Country?

The people! From customers, to vendors, to other small business owners - Abilene is just a fantastic network. We love the 10 minute rush hour and being able to make a "quick" call for a part at a local warehouse or call in a favor for a customer. Businesses here keep a great network of trusted vendors then can refer to customers again and again. Abilene is a great place to work and call home.

P&P: Final question - one that makes our heart beat fast! What is your favorite pie?

Well - If I have to narrow it down to just one - I would say coconut cream pie. I know y'all call it "Mom's Favorite" but this Dad likes it too!

You can contact Johnson Custom Remodeling & Repairs at 325-660-1072 or at their website (click logo below)